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Mike LomaxOwner of Costa Rica Dental Team
You are looking for Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Restoration and High-Quality Dental Care with Savings of 50-70% over US Prices. You will also learn that our dental services with 20 years of expertise are better than most US dentists. Let us show you!

Costa Rica Dental Team

It's our team that makes your smile!

Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Restoration

Get the dental care you need at prices you can afford with Costa Rica Dental Team.

Our English-speaking, US trained dentists will provide personal, attentive service in our world-class facilities located in San José, Costa Rica. Our dental services are equal or BETTER than most US dentists…at savings of 50%-70% over US dental service prices. Why wait when you can get the smile you want at prices you can afford.

Matthew Fritzer Houston, Texas
My Costa Rican dental adventure.

When I boarded my plane from Houston to San Jose on October 23, 2016 to have my mouth fully restored at the Costa Rica Dental Team clinic I was pretty sure on what I would be writing today. It was something like “Got through it. Great price and good work. I recommend”. I was sure because I did my research on all of the clinics and San Jose and I decided on Costa Rica Dental Team in April of 2016.

I do have business interests in Costa Rica and I fell in love with the culture and the city from those dealings. I decided to wait until my slow season in Houston and combine a working and dental trip at the end of October and with considerable nervousness and dread I booked the trip and made my dental appointments.

click here to read the full testimonial. (It's a worthy five minute read giving you a good insight about what you can expect from us!)

Why are we so affordable?

Besides our location in Costa Rica we have the great advantage to have all specialists on site! This includes our friendly dentists, implant specialists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental lab technicians, our front desk staff, medical travel concierge and customer service specialists. Our own dental lab is part of Costa Rica Dental Team. For this reason we can not only work most cost effective, but also very time efficient. Most dental procedures we can finish on the same day!

  • all specialists on site
  • own dental lab
  • modern technology
  • located in Costa Rica
  • everything from a single source​
  • no waiting for external work
  • cost effictive
  • greatly time efficient
  • a great team

Your Advantages at Costa Rica Dental Team


60 experts working for your smile

We work with modern technology. 3D scanners replaced X-Ray. On dental surgery never go without digitally fabricated surgical guides!


Save 50% - 70% compared to US prices!

average US costs for dental procedures
low costs at Costa Rica Dental Team


Dental procedures can take long. But they don't have to! Because we have everything on site, most of our clients come once and for good!


We use Surgical Guides in order to enhance the precision of our work, so that dental implants are positioned accurately for the best result...