Easy Fixes for Your 3 Most Common Smile Problems

Easy Fixes for Your 3 Most Common Smile Problems

Show off a gorgeous smile! Top dentists share their super-easy tips for keeping your teeth in tip-top shape.

ou probably spend plenty of money on skin care products to fight wrinkles and dark spots. But how much attention do you give your smile? Just like your skin changes as you age, your teeth also start to show signs of wear and tear as you get older. According to the World Dental Federation, 90 percent of people across the globe will deal with some sort of oral disease in their lifetime.

In honor of World Oral Health Day, we asked top dentists for the best ways to treat common dental problems so you can show off your smile with confidence at any age.

Acid erosion

Eating foods like oranges, raspberries, and pineapples, which have a high acidic content, can be great for your waistline but not for your smile. These foods can increase your risk of acid erosion, the wearing down of your tooth’s hard outer layer. Coffee and soda are bad for your teeth’s enamel, too.

“When acid hits the enamel, it wears down the surface of your tooth,” says Debra Glassman, DDS, a New York City dentist who has teamed up with ProNamel for the brand’s Acid Truth campaign. “This causes your teeth to get weak, dull, thin, and yellower.”

Luckily, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods and drinks — you just have to change your habits. Sip drinks through a straw to lessen the effect of acid on your teeth. “When you drink through a straw, this doesn’t allow the tooth to bathe in the acid liquid,” says Glassman.

Swishing water around your mouth after eating and drinking can also help protect your enamel. “If you swish it [water] around and swallow, you’re lowering the amount of acid in your oral cavity that causes the erosion,” says Glassman.

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