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The New Face of Medical Tourism

When guests arrive at the Cocoon Club Residence in Canggu, Bali, they’re met with total seclusion. The villa is surrounded by rice fields and beaches. A personal driver is on-call all day, ready to transport residents to the island's temples, Ubud's Monkey Forest, and even a chocolate-making class; the outdoor showers are slate-paneled and chic, minimalist bedrooms open out to a private pool. Read more here: Shared from: Conde Nast Traveler

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Five Ways to be a Savvy Medical Tourist and Enjoy a Vacation

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m not in the business of giving medical advice. I can’t say if traveling abroad for dental work — or a hip replacement or open-heart surgery — is wise, safe or worthwhile for you. Only your dentist or doctor can and, unfortunately for my bank account, I’m neither. What I am is a working parent who would rather spend my savings on a vacation than on a root canal. Call me crazy. Read more here: Shared from: The New York Times

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Costa Rica Dental Clinic Provides Free Dental Care to Children in Need

Costa Rica, a nation of more than 4 million citizens, offers free healthcare and basic dental care to all. More than 6000 dentists provide abundant access to dental care for most middle class citizens. However, a growing number of Costa Ricans living at or below the poverty line still lack access to quality dental care. Read more here: Shared from: USA Herald

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5 Steps to Choosing the Right Dentist in Costa Rica

Maybe you are planning to travel to Costa Rica for your vacation and at the same time get some dental work done since you know that it is much more affordable in Costa Rica?  Perhaps you are already on vacation and you are suddenly tormented by a toothache or other dental emergency, but how do you go about choosing the right dentist in Costa Rica? Read more here: Shared from: The Costa Rican Star

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Can Dental Tourism Help Women Conceive a Child?

Life is a beautiful thing, and those who choose to bring other human beings into existence would be wise to pay close attention to this article today.  No, I am not a Pediatrician, OBGYN or other Clinical Practitioner, but I am a Johns Hopkins graduate who places great weight on scientific studies; and I try to make more visible the findings of valuable research that often goes unseen by those outside the dental industry. Read more here: Shared from: TheCostaRicanNEWS

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If Your Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Dental, Travel to Costa Rica

There is certainly a lot to be said with regards to health insurance in the United States and what it covers, we are not getting into this subject except to say that it is not uncommon for health plans to not include dental coverage; and even when you choose a plan that does include dental or opt for a separate dental insurance the majority of times the coverage only applies for needed or basic treatments and not for cosmetic services or what they many times call elective treatments. Read more here: Shared from: The Costa Rican Star

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