All-on-4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4  system gives you the functionality and bite quality that you would expect from natural teeth. With this unique dental implant innovation, you no longer have to avoid certain types of food just because your denture cannot handle to chew or crunch. Supporting a full denture with dental implants will help keep the denture in place, preventing movement, and dramatically improving the fit and chewing ability. The amount of dental implants you require will be based on your jawbone structure. Your options will be discussed with you during your initial consultation

At Costa Rica Dental Team we use surgical guides on all of our cases in order to increase the preciseness and security of your implant surgery so that your implants are positioned accurately for the best possible outcome, generating fewer traumas to the patients due to the time reduction in comparison to traditional surgeries.

Get your Dental Implants done right!