All Dental Implants today should be placed with 3D computer guided precision!

Do you need a dental implant?

You might not rave about it, but it has to be done: When one or more teeth needs to be replaced, an implant has to be fixed into your bone. Dental implants restore the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth. But don't let anyone just cut your tissue and drill just somewhere! At Costa Rica Dental Team ALL of our dental implants are placed with computer fabricated surgical guides.  Guided Surgery allows the surgeon to accurately place dental implants in the most safe, predictable, and efficient manner. All guesswork is eliminated with the Surgical Guide.

This important step of the dental work should be done with computer aided precision!  

We see too many poorly placed dental implants. The results are more than often not satisfying and require dental surgeries to be done again. A painful process, also for your budget! 

Surgical guides make implant placement a quick and easy process. Watch the video for detailed information or contact us right away!

 Always demand surgical guides from your dentist! Here is why: